Possibly a poem. Maybe.

Research Paper Google Search History: Missing Indigenous Women of North America


Why is blue lipstick stylish? sub-search term: “Robot-Chic”

Follow-up search: Haute-Couture on a Goodwill budget

Are Lil Wayne and Jay-Z related?

Statistics of missing women, sub-search term, canada, sub-search term, Indigenous

Jim Pam wedding date

Amanda Bynes, sub-search term, “why,” sub-search term “r u okay?”

Mickey Rooney breakfast at tiffany’s why

Disney Princesses reimagined as Indigenous

Disney Princesses reimagined as Caucasian

Disney Princesses reimagined as Princes

Indigenous Women’s Day

Where are our Indigenous Women?

The Carter V release date

Follow-up search: How many days until October 28th?

500 Missing Women, sub-search, Where are they?

Follow-up search: Why do Canadian cops ride horses?

Follow-up search: Statistics of horse-related accidents, Canada

Follow-up search: Funny pictures of cops falling off horses

Follow-up search: Funny pictures of cops

Follow-up search: Funny pictures of horses


okay, okay,


Native American Women’s Association of Canada

Missing Indian Women, United States, sub-search, Misty Upham

Do I have Ebola?

Drake: Net Worth

Drake’s real name Aubrey Graham?

Image search, Gif of Michael Scott yelling, “nooooooooooooooo! noooo god! please! no!”

Robert Pickton, 15 counts of murder

Robert Pickton farm: buried bones, what percentage Indigenous?

Josh Peck vines, youtube.

Drake Bell vines, youtube.

Native American cultural appropriation

White girls in headdresses, sub-search term, Christina Fallin

Percentage of rape, Indian women

Shit not India

Percentage of rape, Native American women

Why is the rape rate 50% more for Indian than non-Indian women


Why is the rape rate 50% more for Indigenous than non-Indigenous women

How to cast a curse on bad people from far away,

sub-search term: black magic

Is karma real?

How does dehumanization of Native American women occur?

Does cultural appropriation/fetishization lead to higher counts of violence?


Okay, too specific,


“Cultural Appropriation,” “fetishizing Native Women” “Violence.”

Reservation violence statistics

Macklemore tattoo ideas

Native American tattoos

Urban Outfitters, “Navajo panties.”

Slow-motion footage of a slinky

Richard Sherman Twitter

Don’t you EVER talk about me


Justice for Native Americans

Justice for Native American Women

Justice for Women



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