Publications & Reviews

Hey! so, it’s occurred to me that I should be letting the readers here know where I’ve been published creatively. There are various online and print publications where you can find my stuff. I am sure there is at least one interested person out there (read: my mother).

Your Impossible Voice

(Story) Prodigal Return Season. Find here:

Camas Magazine

(Story) The Promised Lands of North Dakota. Find here:

Split Lip Magazine

(Story) The Fisher Queen. Find here:!13-misty-lynn-ellingburg/c1wzs

Yellow Medicine Review

(Story) Mary. Find here:

The Rain, Party, and Disaster Society

(Poem) Oklahoma:

(Poem) Love Song for An Impossible Chicken Dancer:

(Flash Non-Fiction) Kalispel 39th Annual Powwow:

(Flash Fiction) Medicine Man:

Hello Horror

(Story) Blankets From Fort Clatsop:

Peeking Cat Poetry

(Poem) White Violet: Forthcoming

100 Word Story

(Flash) Chicken Dance:

Specter Magazine

(Story) Ceremony:

The Moon

(Poem) A Mixed Indian Woman Admires Indian Men.

Repel Industries

(Story) Forthcoming, The Woman as Big as a House.

Your Impossible Voice

(Story) Forthcoming, Prodigal Return Season.


(Flash Suite) Forthcoming.

eFiction Review

(Story) Porcelain Doubles.

The Rag

(Poem) Cats as the Meaning of Life.


2 thoughts on “Publications & Reviews

  1. i was reading post about being native american i have alot to say im mixed race half native and white but raised i sing dance i have alot to sayin on key topics. youngest medcine man of my tribe 28. ii need to exspress. i do not live normal life.

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